How I got started

I first showed signs of writing acumen way back in fourth grade when I placed No. 2 pencil to wide-rule paper and scratched out my first short story. “Romancing the Leaf” was 2-1/2 pages of unabashed adventure, romance, and spelling errors. Sure it was a rip-off of “Romancing the Stone” with a more believable plot line. But hey, I was only 10.


Where I’m going

My spelling has gotten a lot better since then, and my ideas are my own. But instead of writing fiction, I now tell the the real-life stories of businesses and people through print and digital channels. My unique grasp of the written language, regardless of media, has resulted in a rewarding freelance career. Even my wife considers me a prose pro.


From advertising to marketing, news editorial to financial writing and interactive, I’ve crafted the gamut of engaging messages that target audiences of all types. Through LiveWireCopy, I continue to enjoy the craft I started all those years ago.