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Let's Be Epic Together

Josh Anderson, Writer for Hire

I get it. You’re looking for a writer who is fresh and creative. Not stodgy or stuffy. There’s nothing more ho-hum than a Google Doc filled with forgettable fluff and generic jargon. It doesn’t inspire me to write this way, so why would it entice anyone to read it? My singular desire, whenever I write, is to do so with authenticity and relevance. No longer am I interested in simply being clever. My goal is to be compelling.

For this to be possible, I believe two things must happen.

First, I need to know an organization inside and out. Whether I'm creating a new voice or strengthening one that already exists, it is my responsibility to do the hard work of truly understanding the backstory of the brand. From there, I can create a voice that is not mine alone. Instead, it is an authentic persona that is easy to emulate consistently and confidently by everyone at every level of the organization.

That brings me to the second thing, which is trust. Writers are responsible for clearly communicating on behalf of the organization. If the organization doesn’t trust its writer, however, then that relationship sours about as fast as feta cheese on a hot summer’s day. Trust must be mutually shared between a wordsmith and his or her client.

I don't want to waste my time writing forgettable words. You don't want to pay for lackluster communication. 

So here's what I can offer you as a freelance copywriter: I will create a distinctive voice that is unique to your organization alone. And I will build a brand voice that speaks volumes about who you are and what you're all about. No smoke and mirrors, all precision and transparency, we can be epic together.

I was introduced to Josh by a client at my last agency. I was so impressed with his work that I utilized him on a couple of occasions for various assignments. When I launched a collaborative marketing/advertising agency he was one of the first people I contacted about becoming a partner in the group. I hope to work with Josh for a very long time, he is always willing to help where he can and has a great can-do attitude.

Josh Fedie

Josh played an integral part in developing the voice of LiLu Interiors. His ability to write copy that spoke to our target market, convey our brand concisely and continue to keep our voice fresh over time has been key in the success of our company.

Lisa Peck

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